“As a student of Andy Miller’s for the last 6 months, I’d strongly recommend him for teaching anyone, whether they’re thinking of picking up a guitar for the first time, or a player with more advanced interests

Key to Andy’s teaching is a strong emphasis on getting the playing fundamentals right, coupled with a great supply of patience.  His focus is to make a good player out of a beginner, not just a competent player.  He has an informal and relaxed teaching style, using great resources, both in teaching material and on-line support as well. Tutorials are supported by recording examples of Andy playing a given exercise and making it available to the student for later playback and accompaniment practice.

 He has a profound knowledge of musical theory and performance gained from learning and teaching for over 20 years, not just being able to play, but understanding how the instrument works.  And conversely as he is constantly learning new instruments himself, such as the violin and the oud, he understands what it is like to learn and the frustrations of being a beginner.”

Andrew Carey

“Andy is the nicest and most patient teacher I’ve ever had.  I was discouraged from learning music at school because I was told I didn’t have the natural talent to be really good.  I love Andy’s philosophy that this is nonsense, that anyone can become really good just by practising hard and even if you don’t and never become a virtuoso, it doesn’t matter – you can still have a lot of fun playing music.”


“A great teacher!”

Justin Adams